9 Replies to “Tirupur Paleo Diet Meet with Neander Selvan – Part 4”

  1. nadunilai naadi

    அருமையான விளக்கம் ! உதவும் சேவை மனப்பான்மைக்கு மனமார்ந்த நன்றிகள் கோடி ! வாழ்க நலன்களுடனும் வளங்களுடனும் !

  2. Srinivasan R

    hey man they are not telling u about varicose veins ,, they are telling u about DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS , discuss with dr. hari and give proper opinion. moreover i won't respect opinion but i need data. If possible try to collect the data to present in conferences , Here i am going to collect data based on this type of diet and as well as diet formula of mine , if it works then will try to present in conference as well.

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