12 Replies to “Tirupur Paleo Diet Meet with Neander Selvan – Part 3”

  1. Gain John

    please use the following links and see whats wrong about paleo http://nutritionfacts.org/?fwp_search=paleo&fwp_content_type=video , also if you are really interested in health i suggest that you read The China study by T Colin Campbell, How Not To Die by Michael Greger, The Starch Solution by John McDougall, you can also search for lectures on youtube by lots of doctors like Caldwell Esselstyn, Dean Ornish, Neal Barnard, Michael Klaper, Joel Fuhrman, which is free proper information, you can check the following websites http://www.pcrm.org http://www.dresselstyn.com/site/ https://www.drmcdougall.com/health/education/health-science/stars/ http://nutritionstudies.org/
    Wish you best of health.

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