The Real Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is becoming more popular, but research suggests its claims aren’t all that scientific.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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44 Replies to “The Real Paleo Diet”

  1. Petrico94

    I think the diet is better as a way to look at what you're eating and maybe a handicap to limit ways sugar and fats can get in. The rules are only eating meats and fruit/vegetables. Yes you get to eat foods from anywhere in the world and some added years of artificial selection but eating 8oz of meat doesn't make you lose weight it's feeling full after that instead of 10 hotdogs with too much barbecue sauce

  2. Ben Williams

    People are dumb and so desperate to label themselves, and therefor get it wrong. If you read any 'paleo' blogs you'll find they generally dont allow starchy foods like sweet potatoes for e.g but I guarantee if you visit any current hunter gatherer cultures they will have at least 1 kind of yam/root vegetable type food. Paleo just means 'not processed'. just eat whatever you want from Milk, eggs, nuts, fruit, meat and veggie and you can't go wrong.

  3. Jionunez7

    Also, it's important to remember that hunter-gatherer cultures would have to work A LOT harder for their meals. They had to go on hunts or foraging excursions to collect the food, which burned a lot of calories that could be replaced by the new food. Very few people choosing paleo diets live a paleo lifestyle, and that should be taken into consideration.

  4. Frank Toldt

    Anyone saying matching our paleolithic ancestors' diet perfectly is the goal is riding the hype train, but the paleo diet is leagues beyond the soda-saturated, bread-packed diet of most Americans today. I stopped drinking everything but water, tea, and milk a few years ago and my blood sugar thanked me. I know that when I eat white bread, white flour and "enriched wheat flour" products I feel like shit. The Paleo Diet is definitely worth emulating, especially if you actually like vegetables and meat.

  5. Melissa Angulo

    there are many plants that act as soap ex: soaproot and yucca roots and didnt need to brush their teeth because they didn't have as much sugar to eat so there for are much healthier than people now a days

  6. April Dawn Hale

    Already understood this, but maybe look at it this way: making people think we're going back to our roots is a good thing, because the Paleo Diet backbone is that you eat a reasonable portion of meat and the rest of your plate is veggies and fruits are included. You're discouraged from adding excess salt and sugars. Breads (though they can be a source of fiber for those who don't eat just white bread) aren't encouraged either because let's face it, it's sugary and there are downsides to eating a lot of sugar. Diabetes has become a huge epidemic and many of the sugar-free products out there in place of sugary snacks only make cravings for sugar worse and contribute to the severity of side effects such as extremely loose stools in a population that already has to worry about their medication giving them diarrhea. So if a diet that nixes the idea of sugar substitutes and pushes real food can get someone who might otherwise be eating and drinking all the wrong things to change their diet in a permanent manner, then all the more power to the idea of the Paleo Diet.

    So what if no living tribe of people's actually eat the same way. The fact is, their diets are probably better than the crud that young people today have grown up eating.

  7. Erik M Foss

    Fromm all I've read on the Paleo-Diet (the more serious papers and such) this vid misses the point completely. The point isn't to eat the exact same food items as the palaeolithic peoples – but rather the balance and ratio of what those food items contained. So, as he actually said in this same vid claiming that the PD isn't really practicable, less sugar, more vitamins, protein etc. And, yes, there's nothing wrong with eating a couple slices of bread – but if 80% of the food you eat is bread, pasta, white rice and other starches, that might not be so good.
    Anyways… My point is; you don't have to eat bison and venison – beef and mutton are fine. You don't have to eat wild roots and berries – sweet potato and banana are fine. It's not what specific food items you eat that is the point here – it's what those food items contain that's the point.

  8. A-Team All the way

    Exactly! We evolved, yes we're making mistakes with some processed food and too much sugar. But for what is available to us now, we can make more informed choices, have a healthy body and still enjoy what's out there.

  9. Justin Henry (Punchie)

    The paleo diet is something that you shouldn't attempt to model. If you model how we've been eating over the last 20 million years as oppose to the last 50 000 years, you'll find that there is a diet that virtually matches the Health Recommendations of almost every Health Organisation in the world. A diet centred around whole fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, etc. If you're wanting more information, watch the Health Documentary, Forks Over Knives (2011) on NetFlix for more info.

  10. Max Powers

    I think the idea behind paleo for most people is that it is an easy way to determine when a food is too processed to be considered healthy. Much like how vegetable oils, are now being shown to be terrible for us because our bodies didn't evolve to eat that type of food, because it is only available do to recent types of processing, despite what the "experts" were trying to tell us how much healthier vegetable oils were for us.

  11. Lin Jack

    thats not true, those "hunter gatherers" are already the forefront of evolution

    Whats a real paleo diet

    Mainly fruits, then vegetables and meat

    yes, ur offsprings might have more copies of a certain genes or AMY1, but YOU dont bloody have it now do u?

    milk: no animal in

    Paleo rule of thumb – if u can eat it raw, u probably can eat it

    we also eat way more calories then we should

  12. Carolyn Willis

    Perhaps nitpicky, but we're not healthier due to toothpaste. The main benefit of brushing your teeth is in the mechanical action of the bristles scraping away plaque. I have seen 5 dental hygienists in the last three years and all of them have 1) said I must have an awesome dental care habit at home because they are generally really clean, and 2) after I tell them I don't use toothpaste and floss maybe 1-2 a month, they admit that toothpaste is primarily there to make people feel like their mouth is fresh rather than provide any medical assistance. Just sayin: science show know that/do a show on it!

  13. Blah Blahsen

    i think if we learned anything from diets its just that the more we modify and process things the worse it gets. so eat a verity and keep it as natural as you can. weather its vegetarian, carnivorous or the omnivorous diet that we have evolved with… processed equals bad, natural equals better. sadly processed foods are not only cheaper but richer in the fat and sugar we crave from millennia of not having enough food available… yea soda and fried chicken is delicious so we'll keep eating it till it kills us. not even saying i'm any different. just depressing facts.

  14. ZombieTex

    This was fairly well produced, but I think it has a slightly incorrect view of the paleo diet. Yes, many different cultures had vastly different diets, but the paleo diet isn't about trying to mimic any particular one of them. It suggests that anything that was available to any of them is "on the diet". So you don't have to be purely vegetarian, or mostly carnivorous … just so long as you're eating foods which either were available to them, or a close enough analog to something they would have had. Basically eat anything you want to eat … so long as it's "on the diet".

    This pretty much excludes all processed meats, processed sugars, grains (which are pretty much just empty carbs anyway), etc… When all is said and done, it's basically just eating nutrient dense, low calorie foods … which is good for you, keeps you strong and healthy, and doesn't make you fat.

  15. Pixel Pusher

    I do remember seeing a tv special, bcc I think? That took two groups out and fed one group cooked foods, vegetables and such with very little, if not any meat and no dairy. The other group was fed uncooked veggies, no meat, but nuts and the like for proteins. The group that ate cooked food did well with eating, say twice or three times daily with chores and activity during the days. The 'uncooked' group found that they lacked energy for those chores and activities, and had to eat almost constantly finding it difficult to keep this up due to jaw aches, upset stomachs, and unusual waste disposal. This was over a time span of a few weeks. It was very interesting to see the difference. Have we somewhat un-evolved?

  16. surg23

    Both me and my brother had dairy allergies as kids, so we had soy milk. Our dad didn't really believe that to be the case and let us have lots of dairy. Eventually, we didn't have any reaction to it and I've been enjoying dairy for many years.

    Funny how that works.

  17. eve khan

    If 70 percent of world population are lactose intolerant, that doesn't sound like humanity has evolved to digest lactose at all. 30 percent, is he kidding me? The you have casein, and gluten that make more damage to people who haven't evolved to eat it than lactose ever could…This episode is sci show is utter bullocks…

  18. t raven

    like, if you're not digging up grubs and eating what ever you find on your own it isn't paleo, you're lamb in red wine sauce (actually recipe in paleo book) isn't what your ancestors ate when they were just primitive monkeys

  19. Vixx Celacea

    That's why I vouch for trial and error, also taking out things that people commonly have sensitivities too out of your diet temporarily to see if it makes a difference. And of course, don't choose a diet or eating plan that you already know can directly conflict with existing medical conditions, such as diabetics should not do vegan, too much natural sugar and those with heart disease and cholesterol issues probably shouldn't do keto ( little protein high fat, though good for you fats with very little carbs) diet

    I've personally done 1000 calories a day (a few weeks), vegetarian (1 year), vegan(6 months), keto (6 months), atkins (3 months) and elimination diet (2-3 weeks) etc.
    I found that I am sensitive to garlic and onion and have a limit I can intake.

    The thing that worked best for me, in terms of health improvement and weight loss was keto. But it's not easy to do and the food is expensive. I have since opted for trying to find food combinations that encourage more consumption of veggies as well as smaller portioned meals eaten more often.

    You can really only know what's best based on trying different things. No one diet is perfect for everyone person. Also, no one diet may even be right for you your whole life. Humans change, our dietary needs change as we grow older.
    Did you know a babies diet is supposed to consist of 50-70% fat? Considering how fat is considered an enemy in the USA it's very interesting to know.

    Also, don't feed your kids sugar. Especially not when really young. And definitely don't use it as a reward or lack of it as a punishment. It fucks with their heads. A treat once in a while on a special occasion, fine. But having it in the house? Or feeding your 6th month old pudding or a sucker? You're a bad parent.
    Sincerely, a emotionally sugar addicted person who struggles with weight and other issues, has tried numerous diets and exercise plans and knows the keen sting of a fad.

  20. Andrew Shaw

    missed the point a lot. this video didn't address antinutrients found in grains. that is the main difference between the paleo doet and neolithic diet. also, the huge role sugag plays now. but I do see how paleo has become the hipster thing now that should be attacked. so even though no one is advocating eating like a cave man, we might as well boil it down to that for argument's sake.

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