The Paleo Diet Worst of the Fitness Industry

The paleo diet is nothing but a stupid fad that isn’t supported by science and needs to die.

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  1. Highlander

    LOL paleo people died of nutritional deficiencies? LOL NOT BY A LONG SHOT, veganism itself is a deficiency, you cannot get proper nutrition on the best planed vegan diet, i am on a ketogenic diet and i have lost over 200lbs, and i am not deficient in anything i do not have to pop pills

    saturated fat and cholesteorl cause heart disease huh? and no facts?

    the studies you are quoting were done on transfats along with saturated fat.. sorry you are a moron
    lets look at the real science

    lets look shall we?

    In conclusion, the hypothesis-generating report of Mozaffarian et al draws attention to the different effects of diet on lipoprotein physiology and cardiovascular disease risk. *These effects include the paradox that a high-fat, high–saturated fat diet is associated with diminished coronary artery disease progression in women with the metabolic syndrome, a condition that is epidemic in the United States. *This paradox presents a challenge to differentiate the effects of dietary fat on lipoproteins and cardiovascular disease risk in men and women, in the different lipid disorders, and in the metabolic syndrome.

    Study says there's no link between cholesterol and heart disease

    fat is an essential acid the body has to have

    cholesterol causes heart disease? hmm funny your body produces over 3000mg of it a day , it produces all of your steroidal hormones, bile, vitamin D and controls brain health and cell health, so you are saying that the few hundred mg of a day clogs arteries? LOL kid you are a complete idiot, inflammation causes heart disease.. the bullshit you are speaking you do not even understand what you are reading, another vegan bullshitter debunked

    impotence on a paleo diet? oh wait our ancestors were on paleo they were impotent right? so wait we dont exist cause they wre all impotent…

    fact is cholesterol produces your steroidal hormones AKA testosterone the sex hormone, without it you do not reproduce, vegans are 10x more likely to be impotent

    please do not listen to this kid who does not understand studies or the context…

  2. Halvor Haugmoen (Moldveien)

    Now I might not agree with being vegan but I do agree the palio diet is bs. I grew up on a farm so when it comes to eating meat I appriciate it. We mostly produced milk and had free range cows (since factory farming is illegal in norway anyway) and we mostly killed only sick or already dying cattle. Most cows we kept for milk or sold to other farmers.

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