The Paleo Diet Is It For Me & Does It Work????? @hodgetwins


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21 Replies to “The Paleo Diet Is It For Me & Does It Work????? @hodgetwins”

  1. John Kelley

    im a Endomeso and thank god I found the paleo diet. Nothing would work i would do 2 hrs of weights and 40 min cardio splits so 20 min each and still nothing once I jumped on the Paleo diet OMG all of a sudden now in shredded as all hell mind you I ate clean AF before the paleo diet as well.


    Look at these monkeys . . . cute monkeys with blue eyes! Blindly introducing our ancestors’ diet when we do not have other aspects of the ancestral life seems like a dangerous and nonsensical prescription to me!

  3. Chawacky

    The point of this so called "diet" is basically to avoid eating all the processed food of today which leads to obesity, types of cancers, heart problems, diabetes etc. We should really all eat like this just to live healthy and not give the company's money who are killing thousands of people!

  4. DBJMK

    Look it's not that crazy unless you go super strict. What works for me is when i'm at home or it's a typical day I will eat grain, processed food, dairy free. Now if i'm going to hang out with some friends i'll allow myself to have fast food or a few beers. The next day i'm back on the diet, even if you go 70 % grain/processed/dairy free and have allowances like milk in your coffee you are still eating healthier and are going to look better than most people. Just find a balance that keeps you healthy physically but allows you to have fun and live a bit.

  5. Frederik Spudnik

    Funny thing about the paleo diet is that it isn't paleo. Most of what people eat on the paleo diet are all products of an agricultural society. And oddly enough, they did some test on some "caveman" remains, and there were traces of barley under the plaque on their teeth. All this coming from an anthropologist who did a lecture on the paleo diet. I am not saying the diet isn't good. I am not saying it does or doesn't work. I am simply saying it isn't Paleolithic.

  6. Ebbey King

    I'm an avid Weight loss green store tea drinker and I didn't know that it can also cause weight loss. That's the reason why I only trusted this one. I wasn't wrong and after just three weeks I lost 10 lbs altogether! Yipee! Hooray! My future's looking bright!

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