the Paleo Diet (an Introduction for Beginners) – Over a year now practicing this diet, I’ve been asked countless times: why and how did I go about it? I try to explain the best I can, under ten minutes about the Paleo diet and the lifestyle change that follows.
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46 Replies to “the Paleo Diet (an Introduction for Beginners)”

  1. randuthayne

    No thanks. I did Atkins diet for much of the 90s and lost quite a bit of weight doing it. Then in 2011 at the age of 42 I had a heart attack. My right coronary artery was 98% blocked. I now eat a ballanced diet and keep the pounds off by running about 30 miles a week and I feel great. Also give up PMO to increase testosterone levels and give yourself an incredible energy boost

  2. Godzillajustice 2004

    paleolithic people spent time in caves only for art. It is common misconception that early humans lived a lot in caves. They lived in huts, not caves made from animal hides, and were nomadic. Earlier hominids did spend time in caves though. I do not know what a caveman actually is. Is it an Neanderthal, maybe Cro Magnon, a Human, Homo Habilis? What?

  3. malindu gunawardana

    There are many components to fat reduction – exercise, diet, motivation etc.
    But probably the most important is in creating the meals you have interesting so you wont be attracted to keep eating other snacks as well. One resource I found which succeeds with this is the Paleo Secret Blueprint (check it out on google) without a doubt the most useful paleo ideas that I have ever heard of. look at all the pics and interesting ideas.

  4. BellefideBethany

    A diet of all meat and fruit and veggies: excessive eating of red meat causes heart disease and high blood pressure; fruits are carbs (good) but also are mostly sugar…a mango has more sugar than a can of mountain dew; vegetables are awesome

  5. Haputale

    You see, I astarted out with being on the lower side of a healthy body weight. Absolutely scary and unhealthy for me to lose weight now. I have mostly switched to Paleo, and my weight is stable (I lost about 2kgs of dairy fat). Switching to Paleo was not all that difficult for me, even though I am still drinking that one coffee with a little milk. I had already cut out alcohol, gluten and was eating copious amounts of fruit. So, I mostly deleted the endless dairy (yoghurts, cheeses, kefirs, milk, cream) and refined sugars, and I added more leafy veggies as well as some organ meats and wild animal meats (I love how my butcher carries these products). I love snacking on grapes, or blueberries, or foraged blackberries.


    See, I'm not looking to lose weight. In fact, I could stand to gain a few pounds.

    I have Crohn's disease, so I figured that Paleo would be a good diet for me to try. I already cut out almost all the dairy out of my life(I just love cheese, I'M SORRY IT'S HARD) lol.

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