Paleo vs Primal: Lose weight with Caveman Diet 101

All about the Caveman Diet. What’s the difference between the Paleo Diet and the Primal Blueprint? Which is the best weight loss plan? Find out here! I’m not a chef, dietician or a nutritionist, just a girl who is passionate about primal living and ancestral eating. Make sure you subscribe! Recipes coming soon!
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42 Replies to “Paleo vs Primal: Lose weight with Caveman Diet 101”

  1. Fontoflife

    Great video. Love the idea behind this diet and SPF's doing it in combo with Mediterranean. But honestly, what's its nutritional impact going to be anyway when so much of our modern food supply in the mass market is treated with chemical preservatives and/or harmful fertilizers? Any takers here?  And that's not even getting into the GMO issue …

    Anyway, I just want to get your paleo- perspectives on this thing. So how do you do paleo/go primal when at least half of the food from the store is stuff a caveman would never have eaten or, even worse, is so saturated with chemical contamination that you might as well not go on this sort of diet in the first place with the kind of food you're getting? Any thoughts?

    I'd be very interested in hearing back from you this. As I said, I love the idea behind the primal diet; but wouldn't it (by default) require you in the end to start growing your own fruits and veggies, as well as raising your own livestock (just to be on the safe side) and chemical-free?

    If I'm wrong here, then tell me. Otherwise, I'd say this. Yes, go paleo/primal or whatever it is you want to do. Mediterranean? Yes! Veg? … OK. But whatever it is you do, get ready to grow a garden [and/ raise your your animals for meat if your not vegan/veg]. Otherwise, it seems to me, the health benefits of any of these diets is going to be minimal. 

    Thanks for the vid SPF.  Best Wishes!

  2. Charlie Armstrong

    Great Paleo Channel. I can't wait for your recipes. Do you have a web blog as well or are you just posting videos? Just curious. I started a web log last month and am going to start posting here. Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out of encouragement. 

  3. masterpalladin

     I hate the people that can eat whatever they want, some only 40% or less might actually be able to eat dairy gluten and not have to eat organic. For the metabolic type/blood type I am more of the an in-between of the meat eater/omnivore, and for the genotype diet I'm the Explorer, so having/being stuck with the Explorer's chemical sensitivity, I have to eat organic. But if an Explorer is feed their customized diet they they enjoy the fewest health problems and legendary levels of lifespan.

  4. Stormyone66

    You are rather amazing.  I love your thinking.  I've been on every spectrum invented…raw vegan, McDougall, Atkins, and now Paleo-ish.  Thank you for your opinion.  Very well done.

  5. PhilsPOV

    Been doing this for 2 weeks – first week lost 9.5lbs, second week, lost 4lbs. I eat only meat, veggies like sprouts, broccolli, and cucumber, the only salt I have is in bacon, I eat about 6-8 eggs a week, cook everything in either extravirgin olive oil or unsalted butter, and occasionally some fruit with double cream. Primal Blueprint is all about high fat, moderate protein and very low carbs (only what you get from veg) I feel great and I am rapidly changing my belt hole lol. Your video is very informative and I enjoyed it….. oh, and I am waiting for my coconut oil to arrive – that is a miracle ingredient!

  6. PHug

    I liked this video because it explains why I didn't try Paleo. You read 1 article, then the next thing you read says everything you just read is wrong and if you read 10 different resources they all contradict one another.  Oh and you're hot so that got my initial interest. 

  7. ChamorruWarrior

    The diet is one thing, but where many people fail is they do not take into consideration the amount of calories it takes to live the life style of a paleo person. The diet is only half the battle. Naturally, the things we eat serve the soul purpose of fueling our bodies for running, sprinting, jumping, climbing, swimming etc. So don't forget that paleo people had to do all kinds of physical stuff to catch their food before they could eat, they didn't just sit all day and then buy it all from the store.

  8. Hayley Schwizler

    I love your videos! I'm attempting paleo for the first time. I've tried so many diets and nothing has ever really worked for me, but I'm really serious about it this time around! Your videos are heaps helpful! 

  9. Veli-Matti Lahnala

    I just read Good Caloies, Bad Calories. According to that, the theory that salt consumpton leads to high blood pressure might be false. Or at least more complicated than thought in early 20:th century. High blood pressure correlates heavily on insulin resistance (or "metabolic syndrome") and reason _chronic_ for high blood pressure might have more to do with neolithic carbs than salt. ps. its a good book! and nice paleo <3 videos& you look pretty!

  10. Sam Dundee

    Great vid. My personal choice would be the paleo diet. If it worked for people in Paleolithic era then it will work for me as well. We are eating too much bad stuff these days which causes many different health related problems.
    There are many benefits to a paleo diet and you can create great recipes. You can read about it more here. no spaces
    bit. ly/170w8Km

  11. crosshairjunky

    Anytime you take processed foods and sugars out of your diet you will get healthy and expierence weight loss. Our bodies want to be healthy we just overwhelm our diets with crap MSG, Aspertame and white sugars are the chief culprit of obesity.Any diet that preaches whole foods over junk will have great heath benefits.

  12. crosshairjunky

    Anytime you take processed foods and sugars out of your diet you will get healthy and expierence weight loss. MSG, Aspertame and white sugars are the chief culprit of obesity.Any diet that preaches whole foods over junk will have great heath benefits.

  13. The Dodger

    In "Born to run", a theory is put forward that states at some point in time of early Homo Sapiens had a protein heavy diet which lead to dramatically increased brain function. They used persistence hunting to stalk their prey to death.

    This was at the end of the ice age.

    Red meat made us smart ;)

  14. Dennis Downing

    I bought both of these books and also Arthur Devaney's book "Evolution Diet". I'm in my 3rd week of the Paleo Diet and I've lost 12 lbs so far. You are so cute and I love your accent. Keep up the good work.

  15. thermaldog

    People interested in this subject should read: The Stone Age Diet (1975) by Walter L Voegtlin, published by the Vintage Press. Lots of hard anatomical and biological facts to support the paleo diet premise.

  16. Laurissa Lewis

    I was vegin for a while than vegetarians and than pscotarien I loved those dites I never felt better but I need meat I never looked at this diet before I have been working with my personal diet for a long time, I was suprised when I started hearing about this diet cause there things I never let my self eat any way like cheease, and cerial cause the make me feel low engery and really gross I think this diet is true and would work there's things her I discovered on my own to work I lost 55 pounds

  17. mojowrkn

    Grains are "processed" foods…..pre-ag revolution humans did not have wheat or rice…etc….These foods bring a large amount of insulin inducing carbs into the bloodstream.

  18. joelast97

    I LOVE your view in this video you take what works for you, three different lines of thought and using them all for what makes you feel better. I hit the sub button and am watching all your videos so I'm all caught up 🙂 

  19. mnm726

    Do you know if chia seeds are part of the paleo/primal diet(s)?

    BTW – I Love your videos! You are so natural, infomative, and genuine. I subscribed right away and look forward to watching new videos =) Thanks so much!

  20. Johnna Jablonski (Xylena88)

    I follow a primal lifestyle, but I interpret it as eating the least processed food, eating local and organic and being active. I do buy some packaged things but usually its something I could have made at home and includes the least ingredients. It has taught me how to read ingredients and to know what I'm buying. Primal has changed my life forever. I have gone from 288 lbs to 225 lbs since February, I would never go back to SAD!

  21. jenniebirdie

    Wheat Belly is also another good book that discusses why grains shouldn't be eaten. I've been doing the primal diet for about 2 years and can't imagine eating any other way. One thing in particular ab the Primal Blueprint is that it follows a 80%/20% rule where you aim for 80% of your intake to be truly primal and 20% can be a slight departure. It makes the lifestyle more realistic. Also, it has a physical activity component that criticizes the traditional thought re: high intensity cardio.

  22. foolisnoteighteenyet

    Hmm, I just read more about quinoa and apparently the saponins (of which you wash most off before cooking the quinoa) are even more irritating to our digestive system than other grains' 'self-defense' chemicals… Huh. :)

  23. Samuel McKenzie

    i eat starches, grains, and fruits (high carb low fat low protien). i am lean fit, healthy and energetic all year round. the paleo primal diet will catch up to you. it is very detrimental to your health. go look up the starch soloution and the leading causes of death on youtube. you are misleading people!!!

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