Paleo Diet/Grocery Haul and Food Prep

Hi, All! This week, I am taking a twirl at the Paleo Diet (sorry if I pronounced it wrong in the video). I found my food list at: If you have experience with this diet, whether good or not so good, I would love to hear about your experience!


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  1. Mickle Adrian

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  2. Patryk Janiszewski

    very nice! Your video is quite helpful and serves as a great introduction to those that are seeking more info on the Paleo Diet. I have done quite a bit of research myself and looked into multiple Paleo Recipes. I want to return the favor and share a Paleo Diet that seems to be working miracles for everyone. .
    It goes by the name of Paleo Miracle Diet as the link suggests. It was produced by the infamous Mary Seibert and her husband. I honestly believe that Mary's presentation is one of the best places for a beginner to start seeking answers.

  3. adahir100

    thanks for the video, I've been paleo for a while and it gets easier with time.  The hard part is giving up all the convenience food, but no one needs to eat McDonald's or other fast foods, and no one needs to eat processed man-made high sugar, low nutrient foods.  Nature taught us the way to go – large amount of fruits and vegetables, eat a rainbow to get all the variety of nutrients, with about 25% protein per meal from eggs, preferably organic meats or chicken, or (preferably wild) white fish or salmon.  Avocados and a little raw uncooked olive oil is good for getting good fats.  Main thing is to bake, broil or steam the proteins (fish, meats, or chicken or eggs) – no or at least minimal frying foods.  Some nuts and fruit for snacks is filling and healthy.  Getting rid of dairy and gluten from grains helped me a lot, I do not eat anything processed, only natural whole colorful fruits and vegetables, coconuts, nuts, and 25% of diet from salmon, whitefish, chicken breasts, eggs, or occasional organic beef.  This is a great way to eat that will keep you healthy, get rid of junk but you won't feel hungry because its very satisfying.

  4. Diana Almand

    Thank you for sharing this! I love the way you divided everything out and explained it all. I am just starting this program to clean up my eating and you are making it a little easier!

  5. hanalouise1991

    My husband and I love the paleo diet! One tip, though, you will feel like you are STARVING for the first 1-2 weeks as your body adjusts from carb burning to fat burning. Just stick it out, and EAT.

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