Paleo Diet Explained – The Good and The Bad

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Today we explain the extremely popular diet known as the Paleo Diet!

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27 Replies to “Paleo Diet Explained – The Good and The Bad”

  1. Cameron Masters

    not sure about everyone else but i found it really effective my family all decided to loos weight at the same time and we collectively agreed to try the palio diet, this combined with four to five days of rugby a week….wow it worked so well i lost about 5 killos in three weeks, but the only downside was that our grocery bill went from about 400 to high 600.

  2. Luis Scuadroni

    I've been doing the paleodiet for about a year and i feel better than ever, for me it wasn't that dificult except in social events, i would recomend everybody to do it, it's not about losse weight, the paleo can change your life.
    Sorry for my english i'm from spain

  3. Toph Gawd

    I did it. Lost no weight but got as they say extremely shredded. I was able to eat as much as I wanted as well. However I have since been vegan as it it is the healthiest option when it comes to diet.

  4. Miles Prower

    The problems I found with a 'true' Paleo diet is that it is too expensive and very restrictive to maintain and adhere to, plus I do not like how it restricts you from foods such as oats, which I use as my post-gym meal. I think many people would just be good lowering their carb intake (eating them around workouts), eating more healthy fats (rather than unhealthy ones), veg, lean meats and lowering milk intake

  5. Kitty BooBoo

    Yes Paleo is worth it! My Diabetes, which was killing me, is now gone and so is my High Blood Pressure. I am losing so much fat all over my body also and I haven't felt so good since I was 20 years old. I would definitely recommend the Paleo Diet to everyone!

  6. Kitty BooBoo

    Ridiculous! If you eat Healthy your body will NOT be so hungry, so yes, you will eat LESS. Rice hardly has any nutritional value and it is very high in Carbs which raises Blood Sugar levels very fast. Just because millions of people eat Rice, doesn't mean we have to also! Beans have always made me feel sick. Not everything in Nature was meant to be "eaten."

  7. Chris Vozzella

    You mention humans reliance on grains, milk, etc, but that is not a long time at all when you consider our human biology. Present day human is estimated at 100k-200k years old with millions of years behind that of hominid and pre-hominid species. Humans have only been eating these grains for 10-20k years, which is not really any time at all when considering adaptation to an environment. Our bodies, while omnivorous, did not eat these foods while wandering the plain and hunting down food. Gluten sensitivity and rampant diabetes and heart problems can be linked to these foods, which claim millions each year. It's kind of a double-edged sword, we needed it to become civilization, but it is killing us in large numbers.

  8. oriwantsbeats

    I went on the paleo diet for a short time just to see how it would effect me. My plan was to only go on it for 3 months to get the full effect. That was about 8 months ago. I noticed two big improvements after just a few weeks. First, I didnt get cramps while working out. I have ALWAYS gotten cramps during or after workouts. But the biggest improvement was that I never felt "hangry". My blood sugar became very stable. I stopped getting the occasional shakes with that empty feeling in my stomach. My blood sugar had been like that for as long as I remembered, and all of the sudden it changed. I started to feel so good, that I decided to never go back to grains or dairy.

    Keep in mind, that I didnt do a "conventional" paleo diet, but the AIP or auto-immune protocol diet, which is like the paleo except you omit seeds, nuts, and nightshades. You do this to avoid phytase and other compounds that can damage the gut lining. BTW, price and convenience shouldn't be a factor for those who desire to eat healthy and feel great.

  9. Dogman

    The ban on food groups is not bad for me. I don't eat much beans. I don't like pasta and BARELY ever eat bread. The one thing that may be difficult is dairy. Almond milk is delicious and can substitute milk for me buut I just love cheese. I work at a high end grocery store and my friend is the cheese specialist so when ever he gets in fancy cheeses and stuff he always lets me try them.

  10. Zharoon Zharoon

    Lol. I like how you forgot to say that you can't workout hard nor be a athlete as you simply don't eat enough carbohydrates. Why even point out overeating? No single diet advocates overeating and it's obivous. Price isn't a really good argument as there will always be cheap options.

  11. Corycodered

    I followed the Paleo diet as best I could for about three months and found it to be difficult and expensive due to how many things contain foods you're to avoid and the ones that don't cost a lot. I found that simply trying to get as close as oyu can to the diet without worrying to much about every exact detail was more practical on a low budget, now a year later I follow no "diet" plan but would say my nutrition routines and decisions are definitely a modified form of the paleo diet I managed to construct over time following the advice and information about all the food I eat from several sources including, but certainly not limited to, online sources like youtube channels such as this one.

  12. Will Thorpe

    As a person with a gluten intolerance the Paleo diet is great for me though, of course, not for everyone. This video is fair despite my bias : )

    I don't worry about grass fed/wild caught and I do occasionally have rice and cheese when I am full bored paleo. You can't stick with it constantly but I change it up based upon my work out habbits.
    Gluten free and mostly paleo for a little over a year now and down 50 lbs while gaining significant muscle growth through crossfit work outs and weight lifting.
    Know your diet and know your lifestyle. Diets and Exercises can either hurt or compliment each other. Consider you macros, avoid sugar unless from a fruit source, stop drinking soda, limit your carbs, and JERF: JUST EAT REAL FOOD! Oh, and don't eat gluten free food unless your doctor says you have a gluten issue… It's silly otherwise.


  13. naxyytt

    I did and I'm doing the paleo diet.
    #1 does not apply where I live, food is cheap here.(relative cheap)
    #2 sure, but that's apply to any diet.
    #3 at the weekend or in parties I eat everything I want, NO STRICT diet is better

  14. Ahmed Korayem

    I used to eat paleo five+ years ago and I was at the best shape of my life! I've put on some considerable weight since then and now I'm on ketogenic till I get back on track and will get back on the Paleo. It's a great lifestyle when done right

  15. Alex King

    I think the diet is great but I would include beans into it. beans are awesome. they are high in fiber and have good carbohydrates. incredible amount of protein does not hurt either

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