Paleo Diet Before and After Pictures: My Weightloss Transformation

Picture of me when I was 2months into the Paleo/Primal diet vs 5months into the paleo diet. The diet that works! There is a lot of weight loss on my hips and tummy. In this vid I basically go through my story, the weird symptoms I was getting from stress and generally feeling run down and how I got into this way of eating. I originally just started by primalizing my breakfast then a few months later I did lunch. And finally, I did snacks and dinner. Subscribe for recipes and more paleo weight loss transformation 101 stuff!

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46 Replies to “Paleo Diet Before and After Pictures: My Weightloss Transformation”

  1. entschuldigung

    As a vegan, I feel I should comment because a lot of people in this comment section seem to have a deep-seated hatred for us.

    I could not care less what you eat so long as you are happy. If you are having success on primal/paleo, congratulations – I am happy for you.

    I made the choice to be vegan for myself. It was my decision, and I don't expect anyone else to change the way they eat (and think about the world) just because I did.

  2. behare nesimi

    I don't know if there's a diet i didn't try, but i'm not consistent with it, so i failed many times. I'm glad I watched this, not that much about information (as i already read  about all versions of paleo) but because u put so much positiveness in it, that makes it easy… you just gave me a shot of optimism…you sweet person.

  3. TheBooostt

    its all to do with hormones, theres no need to call paleo a DIET… its fat loss NOT weight loss too LOL… so many have no idea at all and over complicate things, if you understand the hormonal responses then its easy to know what foods to eat!

  4. TheBooostt

    theres no such thing as a DIET, iam sick of hearing all this rubbish, i know loads of people that eat a LIFESTYLE away from sugar/grains and what raises the hell out of your blood sugar, overdriving insulin and makes you put on fat! Its just the way we are supposed to eat. thats it! Its to do with the hormone response… DIETS are short term, stop saying DIET

  5. mark y

    I can believe the paleo ethos, it omits dairy and sugars, grains, that in itself will reduce inflammation and reduce weight. I am a long time vegetarian, I'll pass on the meat, fish , and poultry, but the rest I now do, and it really works.

  6. Christina Brancato

    you are a huge inspiration! i am going to start paleo tomorrow, thank you for this video it really is inspiring me to improve myself. your before and after photos are amazing!! congratulations. any tips on sticking to paleo and sticking to self control??

  7. master cook

    I lost 20kg by stopping to eat meat, bread and cheese. and my skin is shiny and I feel calmer since meat causes more stress, fear and aggression enzymes to be released in our bodies.

  8. master cook

    eating right will get you in shape automatically. for humans its plants and fruit, not meat. even if you loose a bit of weight doing paleo, it doesn't mean its good for your body, organs, skin and so forth since meat, dairy and so forth are acidic and bad for your body.

  9. chris cahill

    hey iv subed you if you want to see mine sub me back and soon enough ill be doing a before and after pics im still at my largerish self seaming as iv just started im not going so far as this paleo diet but kinda close i guess but im also weight training and doing cardio ill more than likely put weight on but ill be putting on muscle 

  10. love heart

    I want to go back on paleo but I'm trying to gain weight.  If anyone has suggestions please let me know.  I have been eating carbs pasta, milk and sweets to gain weight.  It works but feels so unhealthy.

  11. Lyfe Teatox

    I tried Skinny Me Tea and it didn't work but I found Lyfe Tea and it worked great! It is full of nutrients that keep your body replenished through the detox. I lost my last stubborn 10lbs and have kept it off for 4 months. Thanks for the review though you may want to look into this stuff it is great.

  12. steve Fowler

    Hi Girl…just wanted to say you are crazy cute and have beautiful skin…and oh my, that body is dead sexy. For my paleo tip I say try american buffalo…leaner than beef, higher in protein and it is all grass fed with no antibiotics…my go to breakfast is 3 eggs, a buffalo burger and a big bowl of fruit.

  13. clarence allen

    You were (I think I believe in God) sexy at 2 months but your off the charts (Oh! Yes There Is A God) sexy at 5 months! Not just your looks but the way you present yourself, smile, speech, attitude, communication & confidence all adds to your over all sexiness! They say ( who ever they say is?) no one is perfect but you come darn (*&%#) close to being such! Good luck and congratulations! This is the first time I have ever been inspired to make a comment on YouTube!

  14. WillDougherty852

    I doubt you closed any beaches with your before image, although the change is quite visbile. Nutritionally the paleo/primal diet helps with the weight loss but as important is the emphasis on proper eating while on the diet ie: three proper meals a day, largest in the AM, less for lunch etc! I'm curious how much you've increased your exercise, certainly not something to overlook. I've been P/P for almost 9 months and feel worlds better. I put on some weight recuperating from an accident and it's time to hit the gym! Love your accent and your smile ;)

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