My Paleo Diet Results + Experience | No Carb Diet

hi friends. This video is my paleo diet experience. The paleo diet is a no carb and no dairy diet. The paleo diet consists of meat, eggs, fruit, veggies, and nuts. I hope my experience can offer some insight to what no carb diets do to the body. I do show before and after pictures and talk about my weight loss, but as i say in the video, this diet did not make me lose any weight. I would love to hear your experience on a no carb diet, if we have had similar experiences, or if you’re loving it! Im working on what i eat in a day videos, and other food videos to further explain my current eating lifestyle! Make sure to subscribe if you’re interested in those. bye friends

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25 Replies to “My Paleo Diet Results + Experience | No Carb Diet”

  1. Tania Campos

    look up high carb low fat vegan diet!!! you can eat as much carbs as you want. Our brains need carbs . Look up Highcarbhannah on Youtube. Watch: foods inc, fork over knives on netflix.

  2. nanomyou5

    Trust your body, and eat what makes you healthy now, and healthy in the long run. Forget prescribed and dogmatic diets. Whatever works for you is the best. Good luck and lots of health! Thanks for sharing.

  3. GreenTea

    You didn't poo in a month and a half?.. surely when you did you have had lost at least 10 pounds LOl!

    By the way, I did a crazy thing once, I didn't eat for a week .. just drank water and ate lollipops sometimes. Once I started to eat again, happened to me that what you describe… I get high with carbs, red cheeks and a lot of energy.

  4. IAmAgainst

    "Meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts.." Obviously you felt terrible, you were in a huge calorie deficit, there's something missing in that list: FATS.

    Besides, I don't get why people decide to fully abandon a diet unless they can't fully stick to it. Why is eating some crabs on a paleo diet bad but it's ok to quit paleo for good and start eating carbs all day? I eat paleo/lchf and I eat some sweets snack every now and then, go to a McDonald's once a week or eat pizza, risotto, etc.. and my physical and mental energy are better than ever, I lost almost all body fat and my lichen planus marks completely vanished (something that could be achieved only by taking 20 mg of corticosteroids for a month), so it's not that you have to quit on everything you like forever to be healthy..

    Going from a regular shitty diet to a healthy one with occasional unhealthy foods is still a huge improvement.

  5. Brittany Alana (WithBernieSanders)

    Okay, One: You went into this with the idea in your head that "I FUCKING LOVE & NEED CARBS! AND BOO HOO, I CAN'T HAVE THEM ON THIS DIET! I'M DOING WITHOUT!"… Paleo is not meant to be a diet. It is meant to be a lifestyle change, and you went into the process, with a negative mindset. Stop! Don't do that! Forget carbs, and focus on what you can have. Secondly, it wasn't carbs you were missing. It was processed junk you were missing. Regular potatoes, sweet potatoes (which are the better option), Corn, green leafy veggies like spinach (though it's a small amount)… ALL HAVE CARBS!!! You can eat clean, and still get your daily need of carbs. The difference is that eating paleo, means you are getting more fats & proteins, than you are carbs. And that's better for your body. That's how it should be! Now on a Ketogenic diet, which is very similar, you portion your paleo-like food, so that you have more fats than protein. Putting your body into Ketosis, where your body turns fat into Ketones for energy, rather than carbs/sugar into glucose. But since u seem to be a total noob, just stick to regular paleo for now.

    Lastly, you were experiencing a flu! Or at least that's what it's called. It isn't an actual flu, just feels like one. This is your body making the transition. Your body has to cleanse itself and adjust. You've been feeding it processed junk for so long, that it can take a week, sometimes two weeks, to get passed! But once you've made that transition, you will feel AMAZING, and you will not crave processed junk!

    Please, before you go criticizing a diet, make sure you actually did it correctly & know what your talking about. Because people watch these, looking for advice and information. You giving them a false negative outlook does not help!

  6. Nature Boy

    The brain does not need glucose to survive and or thrive. You had carb flu, I.e glucose withdrawal. The brain and body runs better on Ketone bodies from the fat stored I the body. By the way, excess protein in the diet turns into glucose, which was historically used for the flight or fight response. Proven scientifically and anthropologically.

  7. Steve Sperry

    If you were hardly eating any carbs, and exercising 4 to 5 times per week, that would be why you felt so bad. Your blood sugar levels were much to low too often. You most likely would have felt much better if you exercised less, ate more carbs, or a combination of the 2. A diet and exercise stance that is used is only as good as the balance between the 2 and a given individuals genetics. I use sweet potatoes to fuel my exercise sessions. And always consuming your carbs with adequate amounts of protein will mask the sugar cravings.

  8. jsmcrawler

    Your energy level is starting to raise after eating carbs because they are simple carbs.
    You shouldn't have felt that bad during your diet no matter what it was; not going to the bathroom for a month is cause for major concern-you need more veggies for the carbs go for around 50g of carbs a day which is a lot of veggies. The excess fiber caused your backup-you need to increase your water intake-I would be willing to bet your body was in a keto (research it) state-which is what it sounds like.

    hope this helps

  9. Elizabeth Komaromi

    I would recommend The Paleo Women podcast for more info on carbs and the Paleo diet for women. Low carb is not the way to go! I also think that the paleo diet can be done the "wrong" way like many other diets as well. Do what works for your body.

  10. Xx_KISSandMAKEUP_xX

    please please Allison make an updated video, I NEED it! I am feeling the way you described about being down & none energetic! its like my body has shut down, urghhh! Oh & more meal ideas! new subbie, love your channel <3

  11. Taylor Mozisek

    Oh my gosh I was actually searching what to eat cause I started paleo today but this video kinda changed my mind and I got everything you said! I'm so glad I found you and please tell me how you lost weight because now I'm dying to know and hope to follow in your foot steps!

  12. Fatin

    It made no sense to me that this diet has no legumes, rice, and oats. these are basic healthy stuff right there! and all are from the Earth. The only good thing is avoiding canned processed food. you havent told us how much weight you have lost? you look soo much slimmer!

  13. oompaville

    That is called the Low Carb Flu! Mine went away after a week and I felt great! lol Plus the big bogus of the Paleo diet is the exclusion of tubers. Out ancestors pretty much ate Potatoes, and that's it lmao They're HIGH in carbs.

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