Loren Cordain On Why The Paleo Diet Makes So Much Sense


Dr. Loren Cordain talks about how the paleo diet makes so much sense. We talk about the ancestral diet and which foods are best for humans. Should we be vegetarian, should we eat raw meat or cooked meat? Should we be raw vegan? What diet is best for mankind?


9 Replies to “Loren Cordain On Why The Paleo Diet Makes So Much Sense”

  1. Mahati t

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  2. Nat Van

    Hard to take nutritional advice from someone who just doesn't look very healthy. Personally for me (body type, gender etc. play a role) paleo is too high in fat (animal and nuts), protein and not high enough in fruits. I thrive on fruits and leafy greens, clean grass fed protein is sufficient once a week. And a piece of good ol' organic homemade pie won't kill you Mr. Cordain.

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