Joe Rogan and Chris Kresser on Paleo and the Modern Healthcare System

Joe Rogan and Chris Kresser discuss the Paleo diet and the modern healthcare system. Taken from JRE #842
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2 Replies to “Joe Rogan and Chris Kresser on Paleo and the Modern Healthcare System”

  1. BRBWaffles

    Up here in Canada, healthcare is almost entirely subsidized. So the government has an incentive not to spend money it doesn't need to spend supporting people after getting preventable illnesses. When you go to the doctor up here with an illness, nine times out of ten they will ask about your diet first. They prescribe drugs to treat symptoms in the short term, but they prescribe a better diet to fix problems in the long term. When my dad found out he was B12 deficient, the doctor prescribed him B12, but he also told him to lay off certain foods and increase other foods as a long term solution.

    I imagine in the US, where healthcare is privatized, there is probably a lot more of an issue with people profiting from keeping people sick.

  2. chris g

    The whole medical – pharmaceutical – insurance industry is controlled by a freaky oligarchical class that operates through secret societies.  They form alliances and allegiances.  They work together and they've got this loop of sickness all figured out cradle to grave.  Just go look at the board members and the controlling shareholders of the corporations.  The bloodlines are straight.  They live in a whole different world than we do that you guys are just beginning to sniff the winds of.  These are just plane facts and you guys have got to start getting it.  You can still be hip and cool and get tattoos and play fight club.  There's plenty of pussy to be had as well.  I think your audience could explode.  Alex Jones has gone completely insane and/or sold out and the worthwhile portion of his audience is looking around.  The sheep are starting to crave the paleo diet! Great show though.  Great guests, interesting perspectives and funny as hell.  You guys are just too good and nice.  Truth hurts sometimes, but I think it's the only way.  Invite me on some time.

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