Is the Paleo Diet a Healthy Diet? – Michelle Bridges Youtube

Michelle Bridges discusses the Paleo Diet and is it a healthy diet on Youtube.

Have you ever wondered what the Paleo diet is really about and whether it is all it is cracked up to be. I take a closer look at what Paleo is and check out a couple of Paleo muffins bought from a local baker. And for my final test, will Paddy approve a healthy diet?

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11 Replies to “Is the Paleo Diet a Healthy Diet? – Michelle Bridges Youtube”

  1. Caroline Charleston

    What about the scientific evidence linking red meat consumption with heart disease, cancer and diabetes. If carbs are poison why are the Japanese the slimmest, longest lived people in the world. They live mainly on rice and noodles. Like Michelle but listen to scientists and medical bodies myself

  2. Moi

    The Paleo diet isn't a load of crap. Crap diets don't have published scientific research to back them up. Paleo does. IF you actually look at the real Paleo diet as created By Dr Loren Cordain it is a very healthy way of eating and it does indeed include a variety of fruits. True Paleo does not include any dairy as research shows it to be inflammatory. As for energy, the Paleo diet is not a low carb diet. You can get all your carbohydrate requirements met even without grains. Fruits and vegetables both contain carbohydrates.
    Dr Cordain and specialists around the world have been conducting scientific research into the health benefits of this way of eating for years. You can read some of the published research here:

  3. Cameron Palmer

    we live longer because of advancements in medical technology, mainly in the vaccinations field you stupid bitch. Our diets have only changed because we increased the amount of sugar into it.

  4. matthk

    It wasn't their food that meant paleolithic man had an average lifespan of 30-40yrs (and many lived into their 60s Michelle), it was the environment, disease, injuries and violence. Even the sixty year old skeletons had almost perfect teeth and were on average six inches taller than their neolithic descendants.

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