How To Start A Paleo Diet (5 Options – #5 is my favorite)

How to start a Paleo diet – this is a question we get asked a lot, and in this video we go through in detail 5 different options for staring a Paleo diet. And for a really quick and easy way to start, join our Free 7-Day Pure Paleo Challenge here:

Please let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts or any suggestions!


Louise & Jeremy




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19 Replies to “How To Start A Paleo Diet (5 Options – #5 is my favorite)”

  1. primalslack

    Thank you for the very informative and motivating video! Reflecting, I think my bad reactions to breads and grains gave me a distaste for them so giving them up isn't particularly challenging for me. :)

  2. tony perez

    What's soo hard about putting some chicken in the oven or cooking it with butter or pam? Boiling eggs is not hard. boiling veggies or eating them raw is easy.. Don't eat out, stay home and save money…  Stop making excuses….

  3. vistagraphsnet

    First attempt at learning about paleo diet but learned very little. Have to look up what do paleo dieters eat! I think a thirty second video to answer this question would have been beneficial for me.

  4. oneoptimisticstar

    Great video, I'm not a fan of the word diet at all, so when people would mention how I should try this I just changed the subject, but after not being consistent with my cardio kick boxing for about 4 weeks, I noticed one of my class mates looked like she had really lost a lot of weight and I asked her and she said she's on this diet and only eats out about 2x a month, she's down 30 lbs and said she has 50 more to go. I'm happy for her, this diet looks pretty healthy, the eating no carbs is what would be hard for me, since I eat oatmeal in the morning because it keeps me more satisfied then when I have 2 eggs with veggies, but I may give it a try. what kills us in our household is we do eat out on most weekends, it's our reward from both working long days. wish us luck


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