How To Lose Weight Fast with Paleo Diet | My Weight Loss Journey

Finally, I am sharing with you my personal weight loss journey and how I lost 20 pounds of weight fast. Please see down below all the weight loss videos I mentioned. Please SUPPORT me by subscribing here:
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How to Lose Weight FAST | Easy No Exercise Weight Loss Healthy Diet (Paleo Diet)
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7 Easy Weight Loss & Diet Hacks

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19 Replies to “How To Lose Weight Fast with Paleo Diet | My Weight Loss Journey”

  1. Deena A.

    I am glad that you're happy even though so many animals have to suffer for your diet. I couldn't sleep at night knowing how much pain I cause but I am glad that you can. :)

  2. Elizabeth Killips

    I came across your channel while looking for a DIY hair growth video and checked out your channel. I am so glad I found it, I love your videos!! I was wondering though what colours you use for your eye shadow in this video?

  3. Elsaas Kumar

    I really needed to lose Weight I’m approaching my 32th birthday and I have noticed thats its getting harder and harder to lose Weight. I was desperate because I could no longer fit into my cute clothes and fat pants are just not for me! I just started “WeightLossGreenStoretea” Tea its only been two weeks and already five pounds down and it tastes great!!! Thanks WeightLossGreenStoretea.

  4. Kaytc31

    Your so inspiring. I have tried a lot of diets. Nothing has been permanent for me. I am a night shift worker and I find it hard to eat 3 meals a day because my schedule is so messed up. But I have to keep trying because I am truly not happy with this weight.

  5. Gregg Altus

    WeightLossGreenStoretea is the perfect detox and weight loss tea. It is safe, natural and 100% herbal. It helps burn fat, curb cravings, eliminate excess water, boost metabolism and detox your body from toxins. It tastes great too!

  6. Unfugrundfunk

    My story short: 2,5 years ago I ended the relationship to my boyfriend, and nearly stopped eating, just had huge amounts of tea and nuts and chocolate and so on(easy access energy). I started walking to work(just to save some money), and a few months later people started telling me that I looked slimmer. What my body did was a cleansing, and I started eating the somatic way: my body tells me what it needs, and if it doesn´t tell, it needs just tea. I lost 10 kg(23 pounds said the calculator^^), and they never came back. I eat everything like cake, vegetables, meat, whatever you can imagine, and I started lifting weights 1,5 ears ago. And me and my body are totally fine 🙂
    Congrats to your journey, not many people find what really is right for them, ´cause they do not listen to their belly but to strange standarts.

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