How “Paleo” is Your Diet? – AMNH SciCafe

Evolutionary biologists argue that no study of human health or evolution is complete without considering the trillions of microbes that live in us or on us—our microbiome. In this SciCafe, join molecular anthropologist Christina Warinner as she explores how scientists are reconstructing the ancestral human microbiome to better understand the lives and health of our ancestors.

This lecture took place at the Museum on April 6, 2016. To learn about upcoming SciCafe events, visit To listen to the full lecture, visit

The SciCafe Series is proudly sponsored by Judy and Josh Weston.

This SciCafe event is presented in collaboration with The Leakey Foundation.

SciCafe: How “Paleo” is Your Diet?, The Secret World Inside You, and related activities are generously supported by the Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) program of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


6 Replies to “How “Paleo” is Your Diet? – AMNH SciCafe”

  1. R Mach

    Hello from Australia to all at the AMNH, thank you for this thought provoking talk. I am currently completing my Bachelors in Applied Science and was curious as to what information if any you have on the effects of modern health care in the microbiomes we depend on? Is there any correlation between differences in microbiomes in vaccinated vs non-vaccinated subjects? and also, Is there any correlation between differences in microbiomes in heavy or frequent users of antibiotics vs those who rarely if ever take them and those who refuse to take them? …. and also lol …. during severe illness do the organisms in the microbiomes react and do the reactions (if they do occur) have positive or adverse effects on the immune system's capabilities and/or efficency? If you have any answers or theories it would be much appreciated, otherwise I'll have to get to it myself one day :)

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