Dr. Jack Kruse – are you doing ketogenic / paleo wrong? Mitochondria, circadian rhythms, and DHA


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Jack Kruse is ahead of his time . He is a practicing neurosurgeon with an elegant way of explaining and understanding of the fundamentals of health that challenge the limited paradigm of the ancestral health community. His intelligence, focus, and determination to optimize his life and help people change the world for the better is inspiring.

Jack breaks it down to the mitochondrial level and explains what mitochondria are, what they do, and why DHA is the most important nutrient for humans.

The “Paleo, Primal, Ancestral Health” folks are just starting to catch up with the knowledge dropped by Jack Kruse years ago. Jack is a bit like the Philip K Dick of medicine – he is ahead of his time and at first his ideas may sound wild and esoteric to the average person, yet as time passes his work is becoming recognized (as it should) as cutting edge and on the forefront of the human “mentalsphere”.

Jack’s blog posts are among the most profound explanations of physical processes that I have ever read – I highly recommend reading everything he has published, it will ignite your curiosity and give you a deep understanding of how your body and all bodies (earthly and celestial) function.

I can’t wait to talk to Jack again, he transferred so much knowledge in this podcast, I hope others are affected as profoundly as I am by his information.

Jack’s website/blog is a wealth of advanced knowledge with a forum community that wields a depth of knowledge about health and nutrition far beyond the average bunch


check out this blog post (and ALL of his blog posts):

Energy and Epigenetics 4: Light, Water, Magnetism

His book

And this facebook group where Jack and his work are prominent:


20 Replies to “Dr. Jack Kruse – are you doing ketogenic / paleo wrong? Mitochondria, circadian rhythms, and DHA”

  1. Fiona Dempsey

    wow, this man is a neurosurgeon? Does not fit the preconceived aesthetic assumption I would have what a neurosurgeon would look like, behave like… is he a rebel who choose to drop out? or is he still a working neurosurgeon..

  2. SaQua

    @ around 26 what's he mean exactly in the discussion around the term "condensed": light and carbohydrates uncondenses our protein polymers; "life exists in the sliver of being slightly uncondensed". What's the term "condensed/uncondensed" here? Ok… should've kept listening… he kind of goes into it more.

  3. Bug stan

    You're all idiots. Did u even listen to this man speech, fundamentally he is right. Read books u fcking ignorants. He is fat and drunk because that is what he chooses to be. If he wants in a few weeks will shed all those pounds. Fundamentally, he tries to warn all morons that think they are above the nature.

  4. David J

    I always wonder about Jack Kruse. Is he really a neurosurgeon? Plus why is he so fat? He has a double chin and yet he loves to tell us all about the perfect lifestyle. What condition is his heart and liver in? I wish he would post results of a latest health test by a neutral Doctor.

  5. Lisa Waite

    Question:  If all disease comes down to leaking light, how Exactly can you patch the light or hold it in?   Is there a list of recommended easy to understand steps and things to do.   And in order of importance.  Thanks.

  6. nicole dart

    he is a messenger of 'fundamentally'…. its his job! I think he has interesting point of view…of course we are all made of stars we are part of the universe. But the way he keeps generalising "you guys" is rather judgemental…..does too much DHA give you a huge EGO?

  7. The Stormchaser

    So one of his wishes here is keto diet for the whole world? Not attacking that kind of world or something, but.. wouldn't that enhance the problems with how we currently raise animals for meat and fish the oceans empty, because everyone would eat more meat and seafood than we already do?
    If so, do we have to wait until the day we can grow real meat artificially?
    Or do we have to decrease the amount of humans, so the space we require doesn't surpass what Earth can give us and still be stable? I'm all for global 1 child-policy, or any method that isn't in genocide's category, until we're like 3 billion people, so we can get some balance back and work on becoming one, quality over quantity. Like what can 8 billion do that 3 billion can't, except more effectively destroy the world?

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