Before Fire: The ancestral human diet (the Garden of Eden)

In the study of biology, the physical body provides vital clues to diet. We are continually told what is “good” for us, but does it make sense? What did we eat BEFORE fire? Clearly, we do not have the digestive track to support the consumption of raw meat…so what did we eat before the Ice Age forced us into caves with the need for heat on demand?

A Doctor’s Advice:

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  1. FeyScribe

    I heard a story once that humans used to communicate freely with animals until we decided to eat them… I took a 3 day fast, (only rice and water) and at the end of the fast I noticed a remarkable increase in my ability to understand what my dog was telling to me.

  2. GreenTreeNymph

    Then we have evolved to die from heart disease and high cholesterol…Yes, it is true, and with each generation our genes are changed (for better or worse). Evolution happens. True. But what direction are we going in? That is the question. It's not about survival anymore…we are civilized now. Cave people may not have had a choice, but we do now. That's all…

  3. Jen H

    In my opinion, that is part of evolution. If our teeth showed our history, then we should also still be covered in hair.
    I understand your point though and do agree that we may not have been meant to eat meat, but humans will always adapt sooner or later. Our species has always been about convenience and this is in fact what works for the majority of the world now.

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