AHS16 – Steven Gundry – Dietary Management of the Apo E 4

Dietary Management of the Apo E 4 Genotype, the True Ancestral Gene
Steven Gundry


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  1. colonyofcells del machine

    A diet of low animal fat, high mufa, high soluble fiber, high resistant starch can easily be implemented with a whole foods plant based diet. Better to eat real food and unrefined food from the farmers markets instead of using junk food like oil. Easy to get mufa from real food instead of refined substances like olive oil. Supplements are also junk food altho reducing animal products will probably require b12 supplements. All animal products have 0 fiber and can also be viewed as junk food. The diet recommended by the speaker sounds like the traditional mediterranean diet such as the 1950s crete diet which was based on cheap unrefined starch staples like sourdough whole grain barley bread plus wild plants and very little animal products due to the usual poverty. Most traditional agriculture diets are low in fruits bec fruits are more expensive. Fruits seem safe for active people and athletic people just as they are obviously safe for monkeys. For example, the 1949 poverty diet of okinawa was low in expensive foods like fruits, nuts, seeds and animal products. Shellfish used to be healthy food but ocean pollution and ocean radiation are increasing every day so probably only safe to eat shellfish once a week or once a month. Shellfish like clam, mussel, oyster are a source of b12, zinc, omega 3, etc. Can easily get resveratrol from real food instead of supplements. I have bought organic knotweed powder in the past from the internet to get more resveratrol. Parts of the wild knotweed plant is eaten in Japan. I use turmeric, black pepper and onion in cooking every day and I usually cook soups.


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